BIG BOSS be the link between what was, what is and what will be. We are not in the game for games, but we are in the game to bring the change that will cause the game to level up, ensuring that every player in the game reaches Billion statuses.

Actually have no idea what we wrote on the paragraph above. But hopefully you get the picture.

Since 20 something

We are pretty young with BIG ambitions and BIG dreams.

Plenty Experts

We’re super proud of our diverse and talented team.

Other Countries

Already broken borders. Collaborating globally.

“We love what we do, what we create and the change we make. Just relax, watch the space and you will feel our Heat.”

Big Boss

Our History

So we were just chilling under a tree, doing some assessments on the industry. And we realized that, noo mahn! something is not right here. We need someone that will bring in the change. The game is very exclusive, your talent alone doesn’t guarantee you a place. So we thought, we need to shift that. Instead of coming in and doing the game like it’s been done, we gotta do it differently. So, we convinced each other, and decided, let’s jump in. So here we are.

Did it again up there, wrote a lot of stuff that doesn't say much. But we know you get the picture.

Our Promise

See, the game will never be the same since we walked in. The pie is huge, and you will also get a piece. Pinky swear.